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Black & Green

Extra Virgin Avocado Butter

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  • India's first and only Edible Vegan Avocado Oil Butter: The Better Butter
  • Made with the best ingredients and small-batch Avocados and Avocado Oil from the grasslands of India
  • Extra Virgin Avocado Oil Butter helps with cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. A healthier choice for your everyday Butter. The BETTER Butter
  • Our Vegan Avocado Butter is made by small cooperatives based out of India wherein we promote sustainable and healthy farming. The butter is always fresh and made from small-batch Extra Virgin Avocado Oil and other Heart-Healthy Ingredients
  • Completely preservative-free, if kept outside, the ingredients will separate into individual ingredients. Stir back, Refrigerate and Enjoy!

B&G's Promise

Black & Green' 100% extra virgin avocado oil is made from fresh handpicked HASS avocados from sustainable farms.