Our Vision

Good health through accessibility 🥑

Founded in 2018, we are a relatively young company, founded on morals. We want to bring the 'Avocado' revolution to India. We believe that health is the right of every individual.

Our Manifestos

We take our vision to bring an Avo-revolution very seriously. These manifestos are our north star.

  • Champion the Vision

    Let’s put real food back on the table. Good health through accessibility and real food. Our aim is to make our community healthy, one home at a time.

  • Quality is our recipe

    B&G is synonymous with quality. Our products create a name for the quality and value they add to the foods they are used in and the lives they are enriching.

  • Enriching the farmer community

    Since we are a farmer-owned company, we believe that they are the backbone of our community. We have various ethical and fair trade practices to ensure our farmers are a part of our journey.

  • Good Food, leads to good thoughts

    What we eat has a strong impact on what we think. Every religion/sacred texture/philosophical movement believes this. We are creating a world of good thoughts with good food.

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Only the best, for the best.

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