About Us

We produce high quality, healthy and natural products.

Black & Green believes that you are what you fuel your body with and therefore quality is at the heart of everything we do. 

Right from the start, the company’s mission was to promote healthy living by offering fresh organic produce. Our journey began in June 2018, when we launched our Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. Today, we offer a portfolio of the finest organic products, sourced from farms across India and Africa. 

We believe that Black & Green represents the balance and harmony between soil and produce. One cannot exist without the other. We strive to achieve the same balance and harmony in our products for your mind and body. 

We’re a passionate company with a handpicked team of dedicated employees who love and believe in what we do. But that’s not all – we believe that our mission of wellness will only succeed if we move forward collectively; farmers, distributors, partners, employees and above all, our customers. Together, let us work towards a healthier and wealthier future.

Here’s what our customers say

"one of the best cold press oil available in Indian market." - sneha 

"totally loved the flavour of the oil along with the various health benefits that come with it." - dhruv

"let me tell you its the best Avocado oil out there." - nathasha

“I have tried the oil in every possible way. Very well nourished my hair, moisturised my skin and also made my salad taste very good.” - neeti