We're choosy because we care.

Our focus with the business has always been about quality and improvement. We try to improve the lives of our small holder farmers, and ensure that we have the right quality for our clients.

  • 1/ Sourcing

    We run a contract farming program that engages over 1800 smallholder farmers. We decided to buy the fruit at a 10% higher price than the market, and in addition to this, increased the price of the fruit by around 10% each year. This ensured the farmers were well rewarded for their produce. We also allowed farmers to continue selling export grade fruit that allows them to earn almost 200% on their produce when they sell to exporters.

  • 2/ Collection

    We collect the fruit from the farmers ourselves and send trucks around the country. These costs are borne by Black and Green alone. The fruits are brought to our facility where they are ripened and sorted.

  • 3/ Sorting

    We at Black & Green employ over 50 staff during our production season. Their prime job is to sort every fruit to ensure that only the perfectly ripe, edible avocados go into our production process. . This is the main reason why our avocado oil does not have a very strong avocado aroma because perfectly ripe avocados do not smell, overripe and rotten ones do, and this translates into the oil itself.

  • 4/ Processing

    Our state of the art European processing equipment ensures we have an efficient high-quality production process that produces high-quality oil. The entire system is closed with minimal human interaction to prevent any contamination.

  • 5/ Production

    The only thing we add to our production process is water. This helps in lubricating the machine as well as aids in oil separation. We do not use any enzymes to increase oil recovery. Our policy is simple, we manufacture 100% fresh, enzyme-free, natural, additive-free oil and even if our volumes are lower than our competitors, we ensure that the quality will not fall.

  • 6/ Storage & Packaging

    We store our oil in high quality purpose built stainless steel tanks. This is to ensure the oil remains in good condition once it has been processed. The tanks are nitrogen blanketed to ensure oxidation is at its minimum, which increases its shelf life. We are the only cooking oil manufacturer with a shelf life of 36 months. We encourage our customers and actively invite them to come to view our facility to ensure they know where their products are produced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions ūüĎáūüŹĽ

What process is used for the extraction of the oil?

We use a US FDA and EU approved process of centrifugal extraction to get our top quality Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

How do you ensure quality?

Each avocado is of the highest grade and hand-sorted, every step is managed under a watchful eye and strict quality checks are ensured.

What else is in your Avocado Oil?

Only Avocados and nothing else.

Are there any additives and preservatives in your products?

Our products are absolutely natural and additive-free.

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