Family Managed & Farmer Owned means quality products for you

Our policy is simple, we manufacture 100% natural, additive-free and healthy products and even if our volumes are lower than our competitors, we ensure that the quality will not fall.

  • Only the BEST quality products

    B&G was founded on a philosophy of ethical sustenance and quality food. Real food should nourish, not hinder!

  • Farm to Table, direct to you

    Since we are family managed and farmed owned brand, we ensure that all our products are direct from us to you.

  • Making Good Health Achievable

    Our goal is to make the World Healthy, one palette at a time. Now that food is fast and easy, it’s time to slow down and make eating a priority again.

  • Just. Real. Food.

    No processed or artificial ingredients, no added sugars, trans fats. No artificial flavours, colours, dyes, waxes or chemical preservatives.

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Extra Virgin Avocado Oil - The #1 Cooking Oil

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Good health guaranteed. Wherever you go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you justify your pricing?

We use only the highest grade and perfectly ripened HASS Avocados which is our only ingredient in the Avocado Oil and the largest ingredient for the other products. Due to the level of oil in each avocado, even a 250ml bottle has over 20 avocados.

Why should I trust B&G?

Our Avocados are internationally certified, machinery is US FDA and EU approved and every batch of products is individually tested.

How do you ensure quality?

We control the entire process from farming to extraction. It’s all done under the family’s watchful eye. At every step, strong quality checks are ensured.

How can I use B&G Extra Virgin Avocado Oil?

B&G Extra Virgin Avocado Oil can be used for everyday cooking, grilling, saute, frying baking, salad dressing, drizzling and everything else in between.

About Us

Founded in 2018, we are a relatively young company, founded on morals. We want to bring the 'Avocado' revolution to India. We believe that health is the right of every individual.

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