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"so happy using this !Ive tried the oil in every possible way. Very well nourished my hair, moisturised my skin and also made my salad taste very good. Totally recommend it !!!!"
- neeti

"this is thick dark green and pale yellow colour avocado oil.. And this is really really pure oil, and you need to protect this from ants as well.."
- reshma


"this is one of the best oil that I have recently come across. I was previously using olive oil in cooking but after using this oil I feel that it is worth the value that they are charging. Favor & taste of the food got enhanced after using it for cooking. Even after eating a heavy meal at night, food didnt feel heavy after consumption. Highly recommended oil."
- nivedita


"let me tell you its the best Avocado oil out there. It retains its natural value even after using it in higher temperature. It gives the amazing taste and i mostly use it for my seasoning , salads, toast's and other dishes.
Its so organic"
- nathasha


"product is really good. Just started using it. As it is odorless, it can be used easily. Also since the fruit is not available all times, this is very good alternative. Thank u Amazon for keeping such products"
- vijaya


"good for cooking. Tastes good. Loved it. I actually like avocados but can't eat them directly so wanted try. And got this oil."
- sowjanya


"excellent multipurpose cooking oil. I have used it for my food, skin and hair. It tastes like an avocado and adds a very nice buttery taste to the food. For the skin and hair, it helps nourish from the inside and gives a very good shine. Superb oil! Highly recommend."
- shairul

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